Thursday, November 01, 2007

I made the threee onesies for my niece's baby shower a few months back. The big tshirt was for her brother to wear during the shower. He was a great helper, handing out game sheets and prizes. The onesies were really easy to make with my inkjet printer.

Gratitude of the day: I am grateful for my mom and dad who I live close to and work with everyday.


Anonymous said...

Those are really cute. I bought alot of them for my grandson,

andrea danielle said...

Those are so adorable. As far as the jeans.... it took me about 5 hours, so if you have the's worth it. I really did not have the time, but glad I did it. I would love to also make me some spring capris in which I should be able to get more use out of!

Sandi said... the onesies!