Friday, August 10, 2007

School starts today! Where did summer vacation go? It seems to me kids don't have as long a break as we had when I was a kid. DD and I did get away to visit DS and his China Doll. School shopping was an experience for DD, she'd never heard of a tax free weekend. She saved quite a few bucks. We even ran over to Six Flags Atlanta, nice park but the lines were very long, but the kids had a great time. Work is slowing down so maybe I can keep up with this blog.

Savanah is coming along nicely, I still need to work on her face shape and arms. Any advice on a paint technique to make her look like carve wood?

I've also been making those cones folks hang on the front door to hold flower arrangements. These are made from reclaimed metal plates used on our printing presses.

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