Friday, June 08, 2007

Good morning all!! It's Friday, woohoo!!

Me and that darn camera still aren't agreeing on how to take a good picture. Flash or no flash?? I've taken to holding my breath when I snap the photo, it keeps me from shaking and getting a blurry shot. Maybe more practice will help.

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Art by Betty Refour said...

Pretty! It's hard for me to get the photo right too and so I have to take it several times before I get it right plus I can rarely tell just by looking at the screen on the camera if it's a good shot or not so yes whenever I can I scan. In my opinion you have to have a lot of light to take a good digital shot plus the lighting has to be positioned just right. Who has time? Someone suggested I take the paintings outside so I may try that next time I have a larger piece. Have a great weekend!